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Quilts By Irma Gail Hatcher


Here are a few of the quilts that were made by Irma Gail Hatcher. Click on a quilt below to view the larger image of the quilt.

"Cooperation" - 1987 - 87" x 87"


Quilt began with a printed napkin which Irma Gail bought in a shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. It shows the Americans and French cooperating during the American Revolution. It is hand appliquéd, machine pieced, and hand quilted with stipple quilting. The quilt took seven months to make. It won Best of Show at the 1987 Arkansas Quilter's Quild show and appeared on the cover of Lady's Circle Patchwork Editor's choice Magazine, 1988.

"Hot Fudge Sundae" - 1988 - 79" x 79"


Background fabric for this quilt is a rather definite print to which applique was added, making it a very busy quilt. It won Best of Show at the 1988 American/International Quilt show in Houston, and appeared on the cover of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine in April, 1989. It was also exhibited in Odense, Denmark for Quilt Expo, 1990.

"Kelsey's Kounting Kwilt" - 1990 - 38" x 45"


This quilt was made for my first granddaughter, Kelsey Brooke. It was also one of the 42 finalists in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine's "Threads of Friendship" contest and exhibited in Denmark at Quilt Expo, 1990.

"Irish Eyes" - 1991 - 72" x 84"

Made as a class sample quilt to show 10 point design check list in Irma Gail's "Designing Your Own Traditional Quilt Class." It was part of the 40 finalists in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine's Contest: Discovery - A New World in Quilting. It won a Judge's Award, and appeared on the cover of The Quilter, a magazine published in London, England. It was selected as Fairfield's Batting Christmas quilt and appeared in their ads in October, November, and December, 1992.

"Conway Album (I'm Not From Baltimore)" - 1992 - 90" x 90"

Irma Gail made this quilt and wrote a book on how to make it in a little over a year. It won a Blue Ribbon and the Founder's Award at the 1992 A/IQA Show Houston, Blue Ribbons in Dallas, Silver Dollar City, and Riverside, California, best of Show at 1993 Quilt America! -- 1994 Gingher Award for Excellence in Workmanship and $10,000 at the AQS Show. In 1995 it won NQA's Masterpiece Quilt Award and was selected as one of the 100 Best American Quilts of the 20th Century in 1999, and appeared on the cover of the book. It also appeared on the covers of Quilter's Newsletter magazine, April, 1993, and Quilts - A World of Beauty, fall, 1992. It is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of the American Quilter's Society (MAQS) in Paducah, Kentucky.

"Arkansas Beauty" - 1994 - 75" x 75"

While visiting an Ottoman Empire Exhibit in Memphis, Irma Gail saw an Ottoman plate that was white with navy, red, and blue green decoration. She loved the color scheme and decided to make this quilt with those colors. She also used half square triangles instead of the "pointy" ones used in the traditional New York Beauty Design. This quilt appeared on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine, April 1995. It also won Best Arkansas Quilt at the 1994 Arkansas Quilters Guild Show.

"By Any Other Name" - 1994 - 36" x 36"

Silver Dollar City Challenge: Roots and Wings, 1994. After the quilt toured the country for a year, Irma Gail appliqued 60 fuchia squares around the center and outside border. It hangs in the Faulkner County Library in Conway, Arkansas.

"Farmer Morris" - 1995 - 38" x 41"

A guild challenge, this quilt had to have a piece of homespun, a building, and an animal. Irma Gail made this farm scene in honor of her great-aunts and uncles who invited her and her sister to their farms for a week each summer. The quilt shows the joy they found there. It won a Blue Ribbon at the A/IAQ Show in Houston in 1995.

"Twins" - 1996 - 90" x 45"

The quilts were made for Irma Gail's twin granddaughters, Haley Kathryn and Larkin Kathleen. They were begun with samples from designs used in a Baltimore Album class Irma Gail was teaching. They won Best of Show at the 1996 Arkansas Quilters Guild Show, Best Hand Workmanship at 1997 Quilt America!, Best Hand Quilting at 1997 NQA Show and appeared on the cover and back cover of their magazine, and won Blue Ribbons at the 1996 IQA Show in Houston and the 1996 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza.

"Garden Maze" - 1998 - 82" x 82"

This quilt was made for daughter, Gailyn. It has 2 basket blocks from irma Gail's Basket book, and 3 blocks from the Hearts book. It took 2 and a half years to make. It appeared on the cover of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, May, 1999. It won a 3rd place ribbon at the 1998 IQA Show in Houston, a 2nd place ribbon at the 1999 Dallas Show, and Viewer's Choice at the 1999 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravganza. This quilt won the Timeless Treasure Award for Excellence in Hand Workmanship and $12,000 at the 2000 AQS Show. It is now part of the permanent collection of the MAQS, the museum of the American Quilter's Society in Padaucah, KY.

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